Dog Walking 


Run Spot Run offers a large variety of dog walking services ranging in duration from 20 minutes up to one full hour. In addition to our walking services, David is the innovator of the 'Burst Exercising' running workout session. If your dog exhibits a need for more intense exercise regimen, this high energy workout session is your answer to a happier, healthier and more relaxed pet.

Mid-Day Walk $20

(20-minute walk)


Great for the pet that needs to be walked one time a day for that all important

potty break. Perfect for the busy pet parent who can't get home during the day. 


Have something come up that will get you home late? We can help with that too!


Healthy Walk $25

(30-minute walk)


Perfect for the dog that needs a little more exercise. Energetic pooches or real "attention hounds" may need a longer stroll. We've got you covered. This is also perfect if you have two dogs that need a mid-day potty break. 


Guaranteed pet bliss while you're away!

Burst Exercising $20-30

(Running workout session)


'Burst Exercising' is a more intense running workout specifically created for

more active pets that have not yet been spayed or neutered as well as large dogs. 

They need to chase, catch, eat and rest. If your dog seems very high strung,

Burst Exercising is the answer. Your pet will be happy, healthy and more relaxed. 


  • 10-minute Sessions $20

  • 20-minute Sessions $30

Park Walk $40

(60-minute walk)


This 60 minute walk is perfect for the pet used to supervised play time at the park. We'll even provide the water and treats along with the fun!