Additional Pet Services


From access to grooming, to training and pet taxis, we have the services that will help you take the best care of your pet possible even on a tight schedule. 

Grooming Services


Built specifically for the dog owner on the go! Run Spot Run provides access

to an outstanding local groomer. We pick up your furry friend and return him or her

home after the grooming. Pricing will depend on the breed and the condition

of your pet's coat.  


Fee ranges from $45.00-$140.00 

Basic Dog Training


Keep your dog safe in traffic and understand the leading causes of anxiety in your best friend! We will train you on how to best walk your dog.  Basic instruction on learning theory, dog body language, leash obedience and crossing at cross walks.  Young dogs, under 3 years of age, learn the quickest, but we can work with dogs

up to 6 years of age. 


Fee ranges from $15.00-$25.00  

Pet Taxi Services


Perfect for pet owners who just can't get away from work! We will transport

your pet and supplies to and from the veterinarian, pet groomer, airport etc. 


Fees starting at $25.00

Pet Photography


Run Spot Run offers pet photography services to capture the funny, joyful,

dynamic and expressive personality of your pet companion. Please inquire

regarding a specialized photo session quote. 


Quotes available upon request